strategic asset management

The results of successful remarketing should be that your equipment was sold quickly and for as much as possible, while solidly supporting the remarketing efforts. Strategic Asset Management views this as a crucial goal, not a lofty ideal, so the steps we take to remarket your equipment are locked into achieving those results:

We immediately contact known buyers.
The best market for equipment are those who have purchased similar equipment before.

We pinpoint the industry and industry sector that uses the equipment.
Remarketing efforts are only as dependable as the target at which they are aimed.

We speak one-on-one with industry experts to fine-tune marketing strategy.
With the rapid pace of technology and global trading, the equipment demands of end-users and buyers are constantly changing.

We tastefully advertise your equipment in appropriate media.
Accurate and attention getting advertising placed in the media where it will generate the most amount of inquiries is crucial to our remarketing efforts.

We provide you with continuing reports, analysis and results.
Strategic Asset Management
keeps you constantly updated. Period.

Because we want the very best for you, we invest a great deal of time, energy and capital into providing you with remarketing of this magnitude. All we ask is a reasonable amount of time to remarket your equipment on an exclusive basis. We’ll provide you with "best efforts" estimates on the time it will take for this service and our commission is based on sales price.

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