strategic asset management

The purpose of inspections can range from a simple equipment verification to repossession preparation and loss prevention. While reasons vary, the overriding common thread among all successful inspections is attention to the necessary details before, during and after the inspection. This attention to detail is aimed at saving you time and money.

Before the inspection, we make sure we understand the purpose, since that directs the rest of the process. After determining the purpose, we focus upon those areas that relate back to the purpose. For example, if the purpose was for a simple verification, then all we may need to do is double check for the location of the manufacturer’s plate and other identifying information. If the inspection purpose is to determine condition, we will need to determine operating specifics, areas of wear, etc.

During the inspection, we become your eyes and ears, taking in the environment and paying attention to the intangible nuances that could affect your transaction. After the inspection, we prepare a detailed report of the results, clearly pointing out any discrepancies.

Inspection fees are dependent upon the complexity of the assignment. We will be happy to provide you with a written estimate for your approval prior to beginning the process.

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