strategic asset management


Think of a few of the decisions that need to be made by or are dependent upon asset management:
What’s the realistic fair market value for this equipment?
Have we maximized our opportunities to sell this equipment?
Is the sales price what it should be?
Is this the best buyer for this equipment?
Can we properly document our efforts?
What will our exposures be?

How important are the answers to these and more questions and what is riding on them? Strategic Asset Management’s experience and resources are your primary ally when any asset management question is in doubt. Our many years of working with and within leasing companies has focused our skills on meeting the challenges you face... like your concern for expenses, your desire to work with trustworthy people who know how critical it is to keep you informed and your need for services that back that trust. Results don’t come with luck. Strategic Asset Management knows what questions to ask and where to find the answers, ultimately solving your difficult asset management problems. We choose the right team and contacts and employ the latest technology to save you time and money, with the result of getting the job done right the first time.

The Strategic difference is that we stand out from our competitors because we are always looking out for our client’s best interests, first and foremost. We’re committed to detail, insuring that everything is organized, efficient and cost effective. Our detailed, yet clear reports make sure there are no surprises and we take every step so that our clients have a complete picture of the situation... from potential problems to probable results.

Bottom line: we work hard to earn and keep your trust and confidence!

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